Online Baccarat Tips & Strategies

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Online Baccarat Tips & Strategies

 Baccarat is a popular card game which is mainly played at bars and casinos. It was originally named as Baccara and was introduced in France by the end of fifteenth-century by the soldiers of the Franco-Italian War in the reign of Charles VIII. The game is pronounced as “bah-cah-rah” and is played between the “banker” and the “player”.

Baccarat, the game of suspense and intrigue

The game is full of excitement as well and uncertainty. The three main variants of Baccarat are normally the punto banco (North American baccarat), chemmy or baccarat chemin de fer, and the baccarat banque. The Punto banco is a game in which no skills and strategies are involved. It is fully a game of chance. Each of the moves of the players is forced by the cards by which the “player” is dealt. Whereas in the game of baccarat banque and baccarat chemin de fer, the skills are allowed to play a part. In these games both the “players” can make choices by contrast. Each of the baccarat coup has a total of three possible outcomes, namely, “player”, “banker”, and “tie”. The player normally has the higher score than the other two. In this game, the cards possess a point value. The cards from 2 through 9 are worth face value. The card 10s, queens, kings and jacks are worth zero. The aces are worth 1 point each while jokers aren’t used. The Hands (banker and player) are valued as per the rightmost digit of the summation of their component cards. The highest hand value is number nine.

Strategies to play the online Baccarat game

The top eight tips and strategies to play this game are listed below:

  1. Bet on the “banker”: “Banker” is the best bet; so your bet should be on the “banker”. In the game, the banker wins over 50{6dc9acfe4e457ae7de1df31c7aab43b46f34b85521673b5efd417c610c7cecf8} of the time. The “banker” bet has the lowest house edge in the game (i.e., 1.06{6dc9acfe4e457ae7de1df31c7aab43b46f34b85521673b5efd417c610c7cecf8}); hence, everyone should go for it.
  2. Never bet on “tie”: As we know the game has three bets: “banker”, “player” and “tie”. “Banker” and “player” have the very low house edges i.e., “Banker” has 1.06{6dc9acfe4e457ae7de1df31c7aab43b46f34b85521673b5efd417c610c7cecf8} and the “player” has 1.24{6dc9acfe4e457ae7de1df31c7aab43b46f34b85521673b5efd417c610c7cecf8}. The probability of losing is 1.06 units in every 100 units gambled on “Banker” and 1.24 units in every 100 units gambled on “Player”. Hence, the rotten bet is the “Tie”, which comes with a house edge of 14.4{6dc9acfe4e457ae7de1df31c7aab43b46f34b85521673b5efd417c610c7cecf8} approximately. And hence, it is a total waste of money.
  3. Wait for a decision after the “banker” loss: After the banker loss, the “player” finally wins. But don’t jump onto another bet quickly after that. Wait for the next decision and thereafter bet for the next.
  4. Ride the “player” until it gets a loss: when the “player” bet loses to “banker”, do not wait for the next decision. Immediately jump onto the next “banker” bet. And if in case it loses, follow the third tip.
  5. Always play short sessions: Every time, the house edge will let you play in the long run. Never decide the number of games (ex: 100 or 200) that you are going to play and with the same keep in mind that you should not count or record them as you play. As doing such things will let you be more prepared for a loss on your playing session. So, when you are seemingly winning, go for the shorter sessions since they will work in your favor.